Can ex-spy Ava stop the Emperor’s war plans before he kills millions – and her?

There’s a new Cold War…and it’s about to erupt into World War Three.

Emperor Qin – absolute ruler, dictator for life – has one task before he succumbs to brain cancer, and it means war. Can ex-spy Ava stop him in time to save millions – and survive?

Qin will ‘unify’ China by ordering the conquest of Taiwan, a democratic nation of 24 million people just 100 miles off the mainland, a pledge the Chinese Communist Party has made every year since the 1949 Revolution.

But there’s a leak, a flood of state secrets.

They land in the lap of the former NSA analyst in Washington DC. Ava Shute hasn’t sought the material. On the contrary, she’s a most reluctant recipient.

One thing keeps Ava going: the prospect of a nuclear Armageddon. The clock is ticking as Chinese agents hunt Ava down with orders to kill.


What people are saying about Emperor:

‘John Fullerton surely ranks high among the gods of thriller writers.
His “Emperor” is taut, polished and as throat-gripping as you’re likely to find in this world.’

– Alan Bradley, New York Times bestselling author.

‘Chillingly realistic, stunningly well informed…a rattling good read.’

– Martin Walker, author of the Bruno of Chief Police series, France.

‘This is bloody good – especially the fast pace and mastery of detail.’

– Shyam Bhatia, author & war reporter

‘John is clearly a talented, accomplished and inventive writer – with a knowledgeable grip on the dark machinations of global politics.’

-Toby Jones, editorial director, Headline

‘I was on the edge of my seat for most of the ride.’

– Tom Vater, author & journalist

‘A vivid portrait of a tyrant that oozes authenticity.’

– Andrew MacLeod, novelist

‘I thought this was a thought-provoking, timely novel, from a talented writer…he is a huge talent.’

– Finn Cotton, senior commissioning editor, Transworld

‘Hauntingly prescient.’

– Jeremy Clift, writer & publisher

‘Emperor is gripping, well researched and realistic…The characters, their actions and motivations are very believable and make the book hard to put down.’

– Jaidev Jamwal, military analyst & journalist


The Monkey House:
Absolutely first-rate…shocking enough to steal the breath and bruise the heart…Too good to miss. — Literary Review

This Green Land:
This is a grim, intelligent and unusual thriller, with a plot that cuts disturbingly to the bone. — Mail On Sunday.

A Hostile Place:
A brilliant performance with a fierce, uncosy intelligence setting off the fireworks. — Philip Oakes, writing in The Literary Review.

White Boys Don’t Cry:
Part thriller, part political history, this is mainly a psychological portrait of a spy…a powerful novel — The Times.

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During the Cold War John Fullerton was, for a time, a ‘contract labourer’ for the UK’s Secret Intelligence Service, in the role of head agent on the Afghan-Pakistan frontier, an experience which formed the basis of the first Brodick novel, Spy Game. The events and characters of the second novel, Spy Dragon, were also informed by his time as Reuters bureau chief in Beirut during part of the Lebanon civil war.

All told, he’s lived or worked in 40 countries as a journalist and covered a dozen wars. For 20 years Fullerton was employed by Reuters as a correspondent and editor with postings in Hong Kong, Delhi, Beirut, Nicosia, Cairo, and London.

He lives in Scotland.

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