Spy Trap

An English businessman lies dead in a Beijing hotel. According to an official statement, his heart failed after a drinking binge.

For UK intelligence officer Richard Brodick, it’s horrendous news. It’s also a lie. The financier is one of his most successful agents, and he doesn’t drink. His Chinese lover has poisoned him – or so it seems.

Brodick’s primary Chinese agent, Fang, requests an emergency meeting in Thailand to discuss the crisis.

Brodick supervises British agents in hard target countries while Fang runs Communist China’s counter-intelligence bureau.

Years ago in Beirut she recruited Brodick; he recruited her. They’ve betrayed innumerable secrets and when they’ve had the opportunity, they’ve slept together. They have even sacrificed agents’s lives to feed their careers as master spies.

What’s at stake is China’s future. Its veteran leader fears the country will collapse if his reforms fail in the face of opposition from hardliners plotting to oust him.

For Brodick and Fang, not only their careers but their lives are on the line. Will they save China’s millions from disaster as well as themselves?



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