Spy Game

Richard Brodick wants to do his patriotic bit in the Cold War and has set his sights on joining the Secret Intelligence Service as a full-time officer, following in the footsteps of his father’s illustrious career as a World War Two spy. Richard gives up his home, his wife and his dog for what he naively imagines will be an adventure in Soviet-occupied Afghanistan. His dream turns sour when he witnesses the human price of superpower rivalry and it turns to nightmare when he’s told to kill his friend, a refugee suspected of being a Soviet asset. Welcome to the duplicitous world of British espionage.




‘Fullerton is unmatchable at the details of the frontline spy game, the very believable characters engaged in it, and the cold-eyed, cold-hearted decisions that those who intend to win the game have to take. It is not a game for the faint-hearted.’
– Russell James, Shots Crime & Thriller Ezine (www.shotsmag.co.uk)

‘”Fullerton’s ‘Spy Game’ is as gritty and real as it gets, with the stench and menace of that bewitching, dangerous land that straddles the Afghan and Pakistani frontier, amid the lethal and shifting loyalties of the last blood-drenched campaign of the Cold War.”

– Martin Walker, author and ex-foreign correspondent

‘A taut thriller in a slim volume, Spy Game is Le Carré in a hurry.’

– Ernie Mendoza

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‘Fullerton’s fine, action-packed book outdoes vintage Le Carré — his characterisation of the louche figure of the reporter corrupted, or ennobled, depending on your point of view, by the dastardly British secret service, is more authentic and human than the one-dimensional protagonist of the Honourable Schoolboy and a worthy successor to the convincing if shadowy figure of Adam Murray conjured up by Buchan.’

– John Phillips, Italian Insider
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‘Fullerton succeeds in giving us a more rounded and believable protagonist, who experiences fear, doubt and self questioning, which succeeds in lifting this book above the convenient label of a spy thriller, and bolstering the tension and sense of danger as Brodick goes about his covert activities…Cut through with action, danger, the nature of conflict, and insights into the British intelligence service, this was a wholly satisfying thriller. Recommended.’

– Ravencrimereads

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